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Hormone Optimization for men and women is the key to a full and vital life.

Do you have difficulty with sleeping? Are you fatigued and lethargic with low energy in the afternoon.? Do you have reduced mental focus and memory with the lack of clarity in your thought process? Are you irritable, anxious or depressed with your moods? Do you suffer from reduced sexual desire and performance with low libido? Find out if you’re a candidate for Human-Identical Hormone Therapy by exploring this information.

Then you can watch the following Informational VIDEO and find out how you can live happier and age healthier with Human-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Louisville, KY.


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To learn even more about Human-identical Hormones and  Dr. Richard Lingreen, MD and how to start Aging Healthier and Living Happier click here.

If you want to hear about how All American Wildcat and former NBA star Rex Chapman thinks about hormone replacement click on the video below.

If this sounds right for you and you want to go ahead and make a self-appointment for a blood test, consult or procedure with NuYou Med Clinic for Human-identical Hormone Replacement you may do so at our booking site. We’ll even send you a friendly reminder.  Visit our Online Booking Site today to book your next appointment for Hormone Imbalance Treatment in Louisville, KY.

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Natural Hormone Replacement – Louisville, KY

We started this clinic for natural hormone replacement in Louisville, KY because my patients were fatigued with a lack of energy.   They had a loss of memory and difficulty thinking at times.   They displayed irritability, anxiety, and depression-like symptoms.   They were having decreased loss of muscle strength with joint pain.   Along with these symptoms, they lacked sexual desire and performance.  I knew their hormones were to blame but the medicines offered by the conventional medical community had potential side effects or even caused heart attacks, stroke, DVT’s, and cancer and I didn’t really see them as effective.

I searched for a long time to find the right solution that would be safe for my patients, be effective, and reverse all the symptoms they were experiencing.   I found it in Human-identical Hormone Therapy or HRT for short.   These hormones, along with some supplements, allowed my patients to regain energy and muscle strength while feeling younger and happier.   They had increased mental clarity and the ability to lose weight again.   It restored or increased their sex drive and performance while decreasing their joint and muscle pain.   It’s been a great experience and we are just starting out.  We are seeing people get their life back to want they want it to be.  They are Living Happier and Aging Healthier.

If you want to see a video about what Dr. Lingreen thinks about hormone replacement please watch the following:


Call to speak to a representative and see if Balanced Hormone therapy in Louisville, KY is right for you. Just call (855) 592-4683 and leave a Voice Message and our staff will call you back.

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